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“Large Scale Consolidated Live” Live Stream #9

On this episode of Large Scale Consolidated Live our guest is Shawn Fields. Shawn has been into the hobby for quite some time and his layout the “ELSIE” (Elevated Live Steam & Electric) has known several homes. Shawn is dedicated to his hobby and always working on some project ranging from simple repairs on locomotives and rolling stock to 3d printing replacements he can’t find or weren’t made. Everyone will find Shawn very relatable because deep down we’re all a little like him. Make sure you check out Shawn's YouTube channel as well and subscribe if you like!

So, what are some of the things we are going to see and discuss in this episode?

Video of Shawn’s elevated G scale layout, the “ELSIE” (in its former home and where it resides now), how the layout was constructed and the history behind it.

Behind the scenes look at how Shawn set up his layout with fully automatic track signals and railroad crossings.

A “how to” on lowering freight cars by modifying the trucks (USA & Aristo).

How to easily body mount kadee couplers on aristo streamlined aluminum passenger cars.

A tutorial on how to take apart the aristo ball bearing gearbox (using all new 3d printed parts), inspect it, lubricate and reassemble it. This gearbox is found in the vast majority of the later run Aristo engines and most likely the same one in the Bachmann Dash 9 when it’s released. 

“Large Scale Consolidated Live” Live Stream #8
Feb 05, 2021

On this episode of Large Scale Consolidated Live our guest is Steve Benko who has been into G scale since about 2010. The first thing you will notice when seeing Steve’s roster of locomotives and freight cars is most of it is all Canadian roads. Steve is a native of Canada and loves their railroads, who could blame him as the paint schemes are pretty nice! Steve does have an attention for detail and prototype accuracy as we’ll see during the show. Lastly make sure you check out Steve’s YouTube channel!
So, what are some of the things we are going to see and discuss in this episode?
First Impressions of the new RailPro System and how it compares to Revolution as Steve started switching over his locomotives from Revolution to RailPro. Make sure you have your questions ready for Steve as we told him to expect lots of them lol.
Custom Brass work Steve has done which includes winterization hatches, bells/mounts and hand formed plows for diesels and steam locomotives.
Ball bearing upgrade for the USA Trains SD40-2 locomotive (Wait till you see this!)
Custom painted, decaled and weathered GP9 Steve just finished doing in Canadian National as well as other locomotives and rolling stock he has weathered.
Video of Steve’s former garden railroad (Yes, former. It’s sad but nothing lasts forever.)
Some live running on Steve's workshop layout (rumor has it we may see a live steam locomotive running) so be prepared for some Canadian motive power. 

“Large Scale Consolidated Live” Live Stream #7
Jan 22, 2021

On this episode of Large Scale Consolidated Live our guest is Charlie Zimmerman. Charlie has been into model railroading since 1982 and G scale since 2010. Charlie has his own garden railroad, the Smoke & Oak Railroad of which you can see many videos of on his YouTube channel “Garden RR” and his website.
One thing you will notice right away when seeing Charlie’s railroad is he prides himself on having unique locomotives and rolling stock which includes doing prototypical weathering. During this show Charlie will show us some examples of custom work he has done but the primary focus is going to be on showing everyone how to weather a boxcar. We’ll go from a clean car to a fully weathered one by the end of the show and anyone should be able to weather their own trains after watching this show.
We would also like to mention that Charlie is also a Contributing editor of Live Steam and Backyard RR magazine. In addition to that he is also an excellent photographer with several photos in Garden Railways and Railpace magazine over the years. You can see Charlie's wonderful photos on his Flickr page and Instagram as well as in the Weathered Models group he runs on Flickr.

“Large Scale Consolidated Live” Live Stream #6
Jan 8, 2021

On this episode of Large Scale Consolidated Live our guest is James Catlin. James has been into the large scale hobby since the early 80s and has quite the history. He’s a member of the Utah Garden Railway Society and is also in the process of building his own modular layout. He models primarily in 1/32 scale and as such makes most of his own locomotives and rolling stock using a combination of resin molding and other scratch building techniques. We’ll get to learn about why he chose to focus on 1/32 scale and how this led to where he’s at now.

James also operates his own business “Decaslin Design” where he offers signs, structures, freight cars and other accessories. We’ll get to see some of the items he has made over the years including but not limited to: GP35, DD35, 60 foot tank cars and PS2 covered hoppers. We’ll also get to see what he’s currently working on and offering for sale soon such as the F30E Flat Car which is cast from high temperature resin with a real wood deck.

Something else worth mentioning is that James runs two different Facebook groups. “Mold Making for Modelers” offers tips, tricks and methods for making molds for scratch building, Sculpture, prototyping, and any other artistic replication. The second group is a newer group he recently started “Scratch Built Models” which is for people who are passionate about hand building models or significantly altering existing models (kit-bashing). We are certain everyone will learn something new from James and find the conversation riveting! 

“Large Scale Consolidated Live” Live Stream #5
Dec 25, 2020

On Live Stream #5 of Large Scale Consolidated Live our guest is Jonathan Strazinsky. Jonathan has been into the large scale hobby now for almost 10 years and just like the rest of us started small. He is now working on phase 3 of his layout and it has definitely expanded beyond what he originally envisioned. We’ll get to see the beginnings of his layout years ago, where he’s at today and where he plans to go.

Jonathan has also constructed a bridge and trestle on his layout that have withstood the tests of time and mother nature. This is mostly due to his knowledge obtained from his years of experience as a contractor which we look forward to hearing how this aided him in the construction of his garden railroad. Jonathan is also a fellow YouTuber like many of us, his channel “Jonathan TheeFishguy” has tons of videos taken to catalog the construction and history of his layout.

As the name of Jonathan's YouTube channel may imply he’s also a fish guy lol. Jonathan has many years of involvement in the fish hobby and if we’re lucky we’ll get to see his aquarium car which includes a support boxcar that contains the pump for the aquarium! We think everyone will find Jonathan very relatable and will definitely learn something new to inspire or help them with their own layouts.

"Large Scale Consolidated Live" Stream #4
Dec 11, 2020

On Live Stream #4 of Large Scale Consolidated Live we have two guests for the price of one! Nico Corbo and his son Vincent Corbo both share a devoted passion for G Scale Trains, creating customized models and aftermarket parts to repair, upgrade or to customize your G Scale models.

Nico is going to tell us a bit about himself as far as what got him into the hobby and what inspired him to venture into 3D Printing/Design work. Nico and Vincent will also be sharing with us some projects they have worked on together and current projects they are doing. We’ll also get to hear about their involvement in the Pocono Mountain Garden Railway Society, their former personal garden railroad/plans for a future layout and the revival of the 4 Track Engineering business.

We also have a third guest later in the show! Colin Camarillo has the AML GP60 on loan to him from AML and they gave him permission to come on the show and let us take a closer look at it! It was a welcome surprise to get this news from Colin and we are very appreciative of him and AML for giving us this hand on first look at the GP60!

“Large Scale Consolidated Live” Live Stream #3
Nov 20, 2020

On this episode of Large Scale Consolidated Live our guest is Matt Russell who is an avid Large Scaler and Garden Railroader. He’s put a lot of time and effort into building his own garden railroad and it really shows. He’s kitbashed several buildings, prunes his plants and also does his own weathering on his Locomotives and rolling stock to make them look more realistic. He’s also a fellow YouTuber running his own YouTube channel “Southern Illinois G Scale” where you can find all kinds of videos on his layout and others. We hope to learn a little more about Matt, his garden railroad, what got him into the hobby and perhaps some tips and tricks he has picked up along the way.

“Large Scale Consolidated Live” Live Stream #2
Nov 13, 2020

On Live Stream #2 of Large Scale Consolidated Live we have our first guest. Colin Camarillo is a member of the Bay Area Garden Railway Society and manufactures and sells several products you can find on his website (camarillopacific.com) for G scale trains. He’s going to tell us all about these products which includes the Datum Precision coupler boxes (CNC machined aluminum coupler boxes), Datum Precision Frog Leg Inserts (eliminates certain wheels from dropping into the deep frog throat on Aristo #6 switches) and his CAMPAC BOX line (Model specific 3D printed resin coupler boxes for Kadee Couplers ). We’ll also get to hear about his involvement in the Bay Area Garden Railway Society, his garden railroad, the Camarillo Pacific Railroad, what interests him about the hobby and what got him started in Garden railroading.

"Large Scale Consolidated Live" Live Stream #1
Oct 30, 2020

On Live Stream #1 we will be focusing on introducing the viewers to the hosts of our show. Shawn Conahey of Dakman Productions and Andrew Fitch of MrPictovid will be telling everyone a little bit about their histories, their YouTube channels and how they got involved in the Large Scale hobby.

We will also go over the types of content we plan to feature and areas we hope to expand into with our new show as time goes on. We hope everyone joins us on what we hope will be a fun, informational and educational adventure in the world of G Scale Trains!

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