"Large Scale Consolidated Live" is a joint venture between Dakman Productions and MrPictovid as "Shared Assets Productions". “Large Scale Consolidated Live” is our new biweekly live show on YouTube focusing on Large Scale Trains.
We plan to focus on subjects such as train shows/events, news etc. The exciting part is we will have live chat during the show so you can ask questions and interact during the show.
We are also planning on having guests on the show ranging from garden railroad owners to people making a difference in the hobby by offering new products or advice.
When choosing the name for our joint venture we felt Shared Assets Productions was fitting as it signifies our two channels coming together to produce quality content.
We had to put a little thought into the name of our show, we wanted something catchy, unique but also identifiable and reflective of our shared interest. “Large Scale Consolidated Live” seemed to check all those boxes.
Large Scale obviously for large scale g scale trains, consolidated represents the variety of scales encompassed by G Scale as well as our shared interest in Conrail (Also the coming together of our two channels.) and Live of course to reflect it’s a live show.
We feel this is a new and exciting concept to bring the Large Scale community a live YouTube show. The show will be hosted by Dakman Productions Shawn Conahey and MrPictovids Andrew Fitch. The show will be hosted on an alternating schedule between the Dakman Productions and MrPictovid YouTube Channels. We hope the Large Scale Community joins us and enjoys our new live show.
Our first show will be on Friday October 30th 2020 at 8:30 PM EST.
Stay tuned to the Dakman Productions and MrPictovid YouTube channels as the date gets closer!

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